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farm landscape

                                 Picture of the day from the farm: pond panorama

                              Today's weather at the farm:   46 and cloudy

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Our Story in a Single Graphic

This graphic quickly displays the combination of factors that make us unique.

If it is important to you to know how your food is grown, and what goes into the products that are produced, then it is important to know the people creating them.

On these pages you will find our story.

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Beginning in the Spring, continuing into the Summer and throughout the Fall, fresh Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Apples, Peaches and Grapes are continually harvested by hand directly from plants that are lovingly grown and cultivated at our farm. The picked fruit is immediately refrigerated in the field and every 20 minutes transported to our refrigerated cold rooms adjacent to our commercial kitchen on site.

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Our kitchen, which is regulated and inspected by state and local health departments, quickly processes the fruit into our artisan jams and specialty food products. This preserves the fresh taste and healthful benefits of the freshly picked fruit. Careful selection of only a few other natural ingredients provides a delicious and nutritious product for your table.

fruit still life with jars

Know your farmer

We hope you’ll take a few moments to get to know us by traveling to our farm through the pages on this website. It details the great care we take in growing, harvesting, handling and processing our produce. We’re sure you’ll be able to taste the difference!